Sunday, January 27, 2013

What have I done a while

Hi, I haven't post anything a while, Why? I've been busy and whatever :) Yesterday I had very big competition named "School dance" There were very much dancers and I hope that we get thought the final, this will be awesome.
Here's some pictures

Before that I went to my friend Maris place with Minna, we had very much fun.
Maris had very much beauty products what I want myself
One was misslyns concealer, it's just really perfect product what I need just super (:

Then there was one Manhattan mascara, what look really good on my eyes, and doesn't leave clumps

But yes tomorrow it's school again, and I don't want to go, because everyone is so mean, and whate.
All I want to do is just play guitar and sing aahh :)
But I can't, i have to just sit 8h in school and have to wake up 7o'clock plus there is like -15C cold so yeah I HATE SCHOOL, but then again I need to get smart and everything.

OK bye Luv Ya E

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