Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hi, today's post is about cold weather and about winter and about SPRING
First I HATE cold. But I live in Estonia so here is cold weather very normal like today was -15C. And it was so freaking cold. I just want so much sping and summer I hate when ground is wet, and my boots leak so my socks are quite wet then. But there is always some good things like
1)After winter comes Spring YAY
2)You can wear sweaters, and you are still very cold YAY
3) Hot chocolate is very good to drink in winter
4) Coming to warm house after some walking in outside AAH

I still wait so much for spring 'cause
1)U can wear more colourful clothes (actually U can always wear whatever you want, but spring is more that time to wear light colours)
2)The weather is quite OK
3)Sun is making U feel so much more better
4) Everything is just so much better
Here's some super beautiful pictures

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