Monday, March 11, 2013

Things I really- really want

1)Celine Paris bag- I really need new bag for spring, and I'm so in love with this bag, so I really- really want it even if I'm pretty sure I can't have this, because it's little expensive, but you can always dream (:
2)Canon Eos 600D, I recently made one post where I said I want it, and why. Reason is that I really want to make videos to Youtube and Take some pretty pictures for my blog and just picture this amazing nature around all of us (:
3)Some really good concealer, reson is really clear, I really need it to cover up some redness and all little things that I hate on my face :/ I'm thinking of lumene's
4) Something (blouse, dress, or shorts) laced. Like laced shorts are so cute and perfect for spring/ summer and I'm just falling in love more and more into them. I think we all need something laced to our closet
5)Loreal rich caresse lipstick. Another must have for spring/ summer. I love really this collection colours, they're so bright and pretty and cute. I neeeed it
6)Ombre hair- I have thinking alot for this one, and now I'm pretty sure I want to dye my hair ends lighter blonde, I'm sure it will suite me pretty well, and for spring why not.
So here's my 6 things What I really-really want, I will be super happy if I get anything in this list
Luve Ya E


  1. Love the Celine bag! I want it too :) If you want ombre hair, you should try the L'oreal Wild Effects Ombre kit. Worked pretty well for me:) And that's one thing off your list ;)

    1. Yes, I have thought about Loreal, it seems pretty good (: