Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little haul

So I was celebrating my birthday yesterday, and I got lot of money, and there were thngs that i really need so I bought them today. I'm making some reviews maybe about lipsticks soon (:

1) Aloe vera make up remove wipes, really needed them. Costs about 3$
2) Fa pink passion deodorant, it smells really good. Costs about 4$
3) Fit me concealer shade 010. It was on sale about 8$
4) Maybelline dream terra bronzer. I got this free with the lipsticks.
5) Maybelline color whisper shade 430 Coral ambition. About 13$
6) Maybelline color whisper shade 120 Peta rebel. About 13$

Luve Ya E

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